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Sunday, January 16, 2011

RIHANNA Spotted Out Lookin' Red-Hott While Her 'LOUD' Album Is #1 Worldwide for 3 Wks. Straight!

New do': Rihanna debuted her new hairstyle court side at the Los Angeles Clippers via Miami Heat

By now, those of you who are revisiting probably know that RIHANNA is my guilty pleasure :-) . Well, I'm doing a fly-by on her right now. She was spotted out in L.A. with friends with the normal crowd of paparazzi and whatnot. Wearing the nude Louboutin heels again, I see; they look great, her body is great--er (since she got a little thicker in the hips and legs, I LOOOVE it), and the hair is looking sensual--- Did I not tell you she was my guilty pleasure?

Anyway, while Rih was having fun, her 'LOUD' album, which was released on Nov. 16, 2010, had just passed the 2.5 MILLION sale mark worldwide,making her album #1, THREE WEEKS IN A ROW. Niiiice!! (according to RihannaDaily)

Check out more pics of her in recent days... just because:

Going out to eat with friends in L.A.

Outside the Staples Center

Dat's wassup...will update with more pics later...

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