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Thursday, January 20, 2011

BOOTS: Yuketen for Nigel Cabourn for Fall 2011; Dope and a Must-Cop

Yuketen for Nigel Cabourn Fall/Winter 2011

Guys, these are the kind of boots where you feel like you want to buy right away before the warm months start coming in. These are boots by Yuketen for Nigel Cabourn. I like this colorway because it has that Native, homely vibe to it.

These hott boots (not talking about temperature) and can be worn smart in a pair of Dockers or the urban Dickies tucked inside of the boot. For style, you can also let one pant leg out haphazardly and don't make it look "staged" like LL Cool J used to do back-in-the-day *LoL*

Whaddaya think?

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