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Friday, June 1, 2012

Kelly Rowland And Trey Songz Heats Up EBONY Magazine Cover (via Necole B***hie)

*This is a great cover for summer 2012. After all, these are some of the hottest people out right now. Their fashion game is tight, they know their labels, and fashion designers are always looking to dress them for a photo shoot. See the excerpt from Necole B***hie...*

Guess who’s bringing their on-screen chemistry straight to the cover of a magazine?
Ebony Magazine has released their Annual Sexy Issue and what better duo to heat up the cover than Kelly Rowland and Trey Songz, who recently starred together in Trey Songz’ new video ‘Heart Attack’. The two are showing off their sexy abs for the July Issue which also features the likes of Beyonce, Lenny Kravitz and Rihanna.
In a recent interview, Trey was asked to rate Kelly over her BFF Beyonce and Trey said without hesitation, ‘Kelly you my baby, you got it! YUUUP!’ He also said, ‘She’s just a light of sunshine. She makes the room glow every time she steps in and she’s been a great friend for awhile now. I’m very appreciative of you, Ms. Kelly Rowland.”

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