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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

KANYE's Uber-Lush and Uber-Expensive Fur Coat: PETA Cries 'Wolf!' --- Literally.

Where'd you get that coat?! Kanye's fur looks like it cost a fortune

PETA might as well get on me, too because I'm a HUGE LOVER OF FUR. I declare it to all the world!!! But... I don't get them like crazy, I get them in moderation. I mean.. I have a rabbit/mink blend fur coat, 2 fur hats, and a fur scarf. I think I'm pretty decent.

Kanye had on a very THICK fur coat walking around NYC, now I know those THI-III-IICK ones cost a fortune. It's safe to say that a coat of that magnitude and caliber is above $30,000. MINIMUM. And check out the premium snakeskin bag that he's carrying. No wonder PETA, Pink, and Paul McCartney doesn't like him.


Don't tell PETA! Kanye West was snapped proudly wearing a massiDon't tell PETA! Kanye West was snapped proudly wearing a massive fur coat yesterday around New York

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