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Monday, January 3, 2011

LIL' KIM, Stop With The Plastic Surgery! You're Turning Into A Jackson!!!!

Lil Kim Celebrates Her New Year With A Bang! [PICS]

I spotted Lil' Kim on Vlad TV. It said she posted a couple of pics on Twitter wishing everybody a Happy New Year. But that's not what I'm concerned about. I'm concerned about why she continues to keep altering her face with plastic surgery??! She looked just fine before, but you see all the changes she made: nose job, cheek lift, chin job, eye job, and skin bleaching (WHAT?! Be proud to be black!!)

Of course I'm minding my own business (it's my business to blog about these things--- I CAAARE for the good welfare of people. Lil' Kim doesn't need the plastic surgery...honestly. I don't think she realizes that she's turning into one of the Jackson family members.

She could blend right in. See more close-up pics of her in recent weeks...

YIKES!!!!!! This is what she looked like before she did all that (Look below):

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