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Monday, January 3, 2011

A Twist On Popular "Jesus Pieces": "Celeb Faces As Pendants"

I was browsing different websites and I came across an article about "Jesus Pieces" and how one company was switching the game up by crafting celeb heads and placing them on rosaries. ROSARIES? I hope they mean CHAINS or ball-chain because placing a celeb head pendant on a rosary piece and replacing Jesus or the cross would be blasphemy *LoL*. I'm not being overly religious; I'm just callin' it out as it is.

But I'm hoping they mean on chains because that would be FRESH, like the pieces in the above picture. These come from the company Nous Sommes--French for "We Are"-- in Paris, and they make celebs like the late Michael Jackson, Karl Lagerfeld, Spike Lee, Grace Jones, Lady Gaga and more!!

SWEET.... I like the Michael Jackson one.

They are available in gold, black, and old silver for roughly $220-$290. Want one??

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