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Monday, January 3, 2011

NICKI MINAJ and DRAKE Party On New Years' -- A Lil' Too Closely for Nicki's Fiance's Comfort

I'm just doing a fly-by on this. Nicki was with her boo and fiance, Safaree, and then flipped the script when Drake arrived late to the party. She was all over Drake, making Safaree uncomfortable. Heyy, I know any guy would be uncomfortable seeing his woman all hee-hee and ha-ha with another man present when she don't really act that way with her own man.

Her fiance left the party early. Sounds like nothing, right? Well, Nicki was surprised, reportedly looking around the club for her fiance. 

But is what is. Other people also reported that their [Nicki and Drake] behavior was just a tad suspicious. Guess, we just wait and see... Yup.

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