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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

NEW 2011 Nike Air Force One's In Colors Matching New York Yankees

Nike Air Force 1 High – Obsidian – White

These Air Force One's have been in for sooooo long and remains popular, since the stomping grounds of 1982. Brand perception is sky-high due to the comfort, quality, and never-changing style, just colorways.

Now entering the New Year is Nike releasing their special Air Force One's in Obsidian and White, inspired by the New York Yankees. I bet JAY-Z and other New York civilians are grinning from ear to ear. Also, this is a great colorway to go with virtually ANY urban clothes you put on. you can just rock the look right away, in any city you're in. Detroit--- we know how to rock it out!! :-)

Some may say, "Wait a minute, I've seen those colors before" but these are brand new colorways/arrangements, though. See more pics and get ready to buy..

Nike Air Force 1 High – Obsidian – White

Nike Air Force 1 High – Obsidian – White

Another AIR FORCE ONE is cleared for takeoff!!

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