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Saturday, December 4, 2010

NICKI MINAJ: The Loudest and Fun Fash Sense 'N' The Game

nicki minaj troops 02

When it comes to fashion, especially LOUD and ECCENTRIC fashion in entertainment, Nicki Minaj has got to be one of the baddest in the game. She has certainly got an image boost with the clothes she wear that gets louder and bolder over time. The POP, the wigs, the attention-commanding, the real-life black Barbie image she has been pushing to the crowds aggressively probably is what moved 375,000 units of "Pink Friday" in its first week.

Check out these pictures of Nicki Minaj in her latest performance @ VH-1. Ain't she LOUD (in a good way)?! She can pull her crazy looks off very well when she's performing--- Nicki, just don't wear this kind of stuff on the red carpet (see previous "Minaj" link from "Fash, Crash, and Burn": )

See more pics of Nicki Minaj:

nicki minaj troops 10
nicki minaj troops 06
nicki minaj troops 09

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