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Thursday, December 2, 2010

DC Shoes Unleashes "PLEASE STAND BY" Shoes

DC Life Please Stand By Sneakers

I think that these sneakers are ill. Every time you take a step, the words "Please Stand By" will show. It's one of those two-way meanings. One way may mean "I'm cool, so wait for me" and another way may mean "Step outta the way please, I'm STEPPING THROUGH."

Another thing I like about the sneakers is that the style is very understated, unassuming, not over-the-top, and bring surprises when you have the sneakers turned at the certain angle (peep the clear gum soles and the colorful hem at the top/inside of the sneakers. Note to Detroit: These shoes will be available at several sneaker boutiques in your area. Peep 'em and buy 'em!!

ANOTHER PLUS: IT'S AFFORDABLE!! A far cry from astronomical LANVIN!! And with more "make-sense" style too!!!

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