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Saturday, December 4, 2010

THE ONLY JAIDEN's Official Photo Shoot

I'M EXCITED ABOUT THIS... I'm revealing to you my official pics from my photo shoot from December 1st. These photos were captured by Detroit's VOIST MAGAZINE photographer Patrick Gamaliel, who is extremely talented in his field of work of photography and graphic design.

Patrick and I met in person for the first time for an in-studio shoot and was very polite and welcoming. I think it's very important to establish that great business relationship/rapport with a photgrapher and share your expectations and what your capabilities are so that he/she will know how to better work with you.

So as a result, Patrick got some excellent shots of me, and I gave as much as I could to the camera.. 

There is NO one-way communication, and as a model, it's important to be fluid and go through a variety of poses that are uninhibited and poses that you would do in real life if you were a model.

For example, doing daily things in a certain position and applying them as a look in front of the camera usually turns out well instead of looking "stiff and staged."

But anyway, check out my pictures and link in the Portfolio page:

Check out more pictures that I've posted on Facebook, and 'fashion people' in Detroit, contact me for shoots and shows!

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