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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

STYLE in Detroit

Detroit is fast becoming the mecca of movies, now it's becoming a strong contender of fashion  with many fashion shows and magazines popping up around the city.

 I have attended several fashion shows in the Detroit area this year, and while some were a little subpar and some were over-the-top great, the range pretty much proves that Detroit has style and fashion-forward people, too.

The most recent fashion event I went to was the MASH MAG Preview Launch Party. MASH MAG is a urban magazine that will debut its first issue January 2011,which  includes all things fashion. It has plans to spread out its reach across Aamerica and overseas to fashion powerhouse cities like Paris.

Here is a small part of what MASH MAG is introduced as:

MASH Magazine celebrates modernity and the parallels between beauty, fashion, design, architecture and urbanism. We set trends. We push boundaries. We campaign for urban beautification and personal awareness. MASH aims to introduce design disciplines to and of under-represented communities, while celebrating a multicultural editorial aesthetic.

So, I'm excited for Detroit and the one of the several things it is trying to improve on. I root for Detroit....

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