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Monday, December 6, 2010 In Rick Owens Coat (Not For Everyone..)

Hello everyone, I took a little hiatus. I have been posting EVERY SINGLE DAY but I skipped out just one day because I had so much to do, including a fashion show in metro Detroit that I participated in. The show went VERY WELL. I modeled a very nice denim suit (jeans and jacket) with a "dark orange" shirt and brown crocodile boots. Then the next time I came out, I wore a mink-and-lamb coat valued at more than $7,000. So nice... I'll post pictures soon.

Anyway, the picture of above shows his I guess trademark haircut and he's wearing a Rick Owens coat. The fit is... interesting. The front is not bad, but the sides don't seem to fit too well; it makes him look fat...or is he really "wide?" It's like a wrap-around coat but still... Do you like it?

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