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Friday, December 10, 2010

CHANEL Makes Men's Boots!!!! U Must See!!!

Chanel Men's Leather / Snakeskin Boots

CHANEL rarely makes items for men, and when they do, it's a HEADLINER of a story. These are premium leather and snakeskin boots priced at $1400.

As predicted, whereas a famous couture label introduces an outstanding women's line, they later come out with a subpar men's line (i.e. BALMAIN). You guys know where I'm going with this...

The top half of the boot looks great, but what's up with the lower half? The toe of the boot looks puffy, odd, and like it belongs in Payless Shoe Source (not dogging the store though). I think the toe should be more slim and streamlined like Gucci or Salvatore Ferragamo, don't you think?

Hopefully the next boots that Chanel come out with will be even more stylish than the ones they have now.


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