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Monday, December 6, 2010

Reflect back on... MARY J BLIGE "I Am" Music Video

Hello everyone, usually I post all things fashion, but once in a while I will reflect back on current/circulating music videos or past music videos that speak on a positive note and image, because that's what I'm about. Also, there may be a video in which I like the clothes that are worn by the artist.

Speaking of Mary J. Blige (this is one of the few people who can "sang"), I sense a trend in women doing "BIG HAIR" or updos in which hair is piled on top of the head in a very fashionable and regal manner. Color: not just blonde but all colors' looks better in dark brown or black. SEE MARY J. BLIGE'S MUSIC VIDEO:

Note: Click on video to see it on YouTube..

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