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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

SWAGGER x LEVI Jeans. Niiice...

SWAGGER x Levis   5WA99er 505

It's nice to see an urban label do a flawless collaboration with one of the world's most dedicated fan bases when it comes to clothes, specifically denim: LEVI's. Levi's has been selling millions of its popular and sturdy jeans that come in many different styles.

Now here comes label SWAGGER, which made Levi 505 jeans in a heavily distressed indigo selvedge style that gives it a very broken-in, comfortable looking, and course, swagger style jeans. These jeans will be available in SWAGGER stores starting December 11.

Check the photo above. That's a good style to go with. Pair the jeans with a matching shirt and preferably boots or high-top, neutral boots. WHY NEUTRAL?? We're talking 'bout SWAGGER jeans; show off the jeans, not the shoes. See more pics below..

SWAGGER x Levis   5WA99er 505

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