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Monday, March 7, 2011

EPIC FACTOR: WIllow Smith's New "21st Century Girl" Music Video

It's out now, KIDS!!!

WILLOW SMITH released her newest video, and it's rocking YouTube and the media up. I must call it an EPIC FACTOR because of the clever "storyline" of the video. It starts off with Cicely Tyson planting elements of WILLOW into the deserted ground and watching her come to life with a rumble, something straight out of a sci-fi movie, the Mummy, one of those... 

Then the scene changes to all WILLOW in her fun style, running with wolves (thank God she's okay) and dancing in the desert while her surroundings slowly turn into a cityscape; she proves in this segment that she's a "21st Century Girl."

It then ends with WILLOW passing on the "torch" to a baby. Clever thinking!! Great job for the executive producers WILL and JADA Smith!!

This 10 year old girl is gonna be knocking down the VETERANS OF MUSIC very soon!!!

Pic: JustJared

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