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Sunday, March 6, 2011

"Celebrity Apprentice" Premieres Tonight (March 6th) - Updates to Come

NeNe Leakes - one of 16 HIGH-CHARGED castmates on Celebrity Apprentice

It's not just me, PEOPLE OF ALL MEDIA project this season of the Celebrity Apprentice to be the most fiery, most entertaining, most-watched APPRENTICE season yet. The cast members are full of ego and are HIGH-CHARGED; it's absolutely difficult to wrap my mind and our minds around how can all of these people work together to produce a fine project??

LaToya Jackson and Gary Busey (he scares a weird substitute teacher)

If you do know, then tell me; I doubt it thhat you can tell me who will be successful (right off the top of your head).

But this RIGHT HERE.... is one to watch!!!!
(NeNe Leakes and Star Jones)

Airs March 6th, 9/8c.

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