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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Meet CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN, The Man Behind The 'Red Soles'

Good morning everyone!!

Have you ever met CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN? Some people think that certain designers are dead and have been long gone but yet their products are still being made. But Christian Louboutin is vibrant and very much alive. He is the man on the FAR LEFT OF THE PICTURE ABOVE. He is the man behind the 'red soles,' the most coveted shoe collection on EARTH.

Yes, I said it; THE ONLY JAIDEN has spoken.

Louboutin is also very stylish, too. He was seen with actress Blake Lively; looks like he got off a motorcycle (in Paris) and is carrying a fancy helmet by Belvedere for $915. He was wearing a pair of his own sneakers.

The man is BAAAAAAD... women literally KILL for his shoes!

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