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Thursday, March 10, 2011

FLASHBACK: RIHANNA's Fashion Choices In Music Videos 'Only Girl,' 'What's My Name,' 'S&M,' and 'Rude Boy'

Wassup from Detroit, as you know (or if you're just finding out), Rihanna is one of my favorite artists--and my guilty pleasure. I juat wanted to bring a FLASHBACK of all of her music videos that she's made in the timeframe of just 1.5 years. While the music may move you (my niche is not MUSIC but FASHION), this is your chance to look back at Rihanna's GOOD GIRLY to BAD GIRLY clothing choices.

Rihanna's 'Only Girl' and 'What's My Name' garnered critical acclaim for the 180-degree change from her ROCK-HARD fashion image from her 'Rated R' album. See this acclaim for yourself: Both videos racked up over 100 million views... EACH.

The clothing choices from 'Only Girl' allowed Rihanna to show a lot of skin but at the same time look innocent and flirty (the red hair doesn't suggest that, though *LOL*). 'What's My Name' also showed Rihanna's innocent and flirty style with her multi-colored, zebra-striped outfit she wore several months ago, dancing without a care, ALL SMILES, in New York City with Drake.

'S&M' outfits cannot be found at your local WAL-MART :-) Actually... it can't be found in any store except the ones that intentionally go unmentioned here.

An last but not least, 'RUDE BOY,' the island-inspired flavor that had me clapping my hands and had THE ONLY JAIDEN gettin' into my Jamaican ego and vibe last summer.... 'YEAH 'MON!!' The style choices were crazy!! Too much for words... This video is one where you can't help but stare. It may be considered TRASHY, COPY-CATTED, and whatever may utter out of a mouth, but it's pure ARTWORK IN ITS RAWEST, NEARLY OBSCENE FORM.

There are so many more videos I could talk about... but THE ONLY JAIDEN has things to do this morning.

Did you enjoy RIHANNAVILLE?

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