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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

LADIES, Be The Life Of The Party and SNAP NECKS w/ Katy Perry's Blue Wig and Emma Roberts's Chrome Chanel Pumps!

Katy Perry Shows Off Her Blue Hair in Paris

Some of you just cannot wait for the weekend to come!! So let me, JAIDEN, give you lovely ladies an idea of how you can look FUN, FASHIONABLE, and FRONT-N-CENTER whichever event you go to.

There are a lotta pretty girls out there; STAND OUT AND BE NOTICEABLE in a good way, not RIDICULOUS WAY.

So the picture above is Katy Perry with her powder blue wig and white Ray-Bans. She played it down smartly without looking like a clown (See another pic below). And actor Emma Roberts wore some chrome Chanel pumps (below); she's a white girl that GOT IT DOOOOWN like that. Wear that to be the LIFE OF THE PARTY.

Sidenote: With chrome pumps, try to wear clothes that are in the neutral or cool color range. Warm color ranges may clash; warm colors can rarely be pulled off, if you can.... GREAT!!

Katy Perry Shows Off Her Blue Hair in Paris

Pic: Celebuzz

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