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Monday, January 2, 2012

NICKI MINAJ'S 'The Jetsons' Dress on Dick Clark's Rockin' The Eve

Nicki Minaj sure knows how to keep eyes on her. For New Years' Eve, she sported this silver dress/pants look that screamed a resonating 'JETSONS'!!!!

In case you don't know what THE JETSONS are, it was a futuristic cartoon from the '80s and early '90s, and lifestyles included houses in the air and flying cars.

One thing to also notice is Nicki's blonde hair; she usually wears bangs so it's very interesting to see her bangs pulled back to reveal a full forehead.

And also check out the beautiful FERGIE in her somewhat 'color-blocking' outfit. Her caramel leather pants are a nice complement for the leopard boots and coat with fur sleeves. I have such a positive draw to splashes of RED in an outfit..

Pic: NecoleB***hie

1 comment:

nicki minaj love said...

I love the hair like that. The Jetsons dress is cute too.

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