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Thursday, January 5, 2012

DWYANE WADE and GABRIELLE UNION On Cover of Essence; Picture-Perfect Black Couple

I swear that Gabby (Gabrielle) Union is one of the most natural beauties in the game. She is really tearing down those walls of all who were once hooked on the 'Gabrielle is MEAN' drug. That was from the many roles she played, most notably DELIVER US FROM EVA from the mid-2000s.

A far cry now that Gabrielle's in ESSENCE's February 2012 issue, huh?

Now here she is gracing her flawless brown skin, gorgeous and warm smile, and the just-right SUNNY dress to pair up to her beau, Miami Heat's Dwyane Wade. Dwyane is also known for his impeccable style; I like a LOT of what he wears. There's NOTHING WRONG with a dude stays in the latest trends.


I want to know who the stylist was... 'cuz this is just too good (I'll pick up the Essence magazine later and find out). Gabrielle's perfectly hued (not too bright yellow, not too dark yellow) draped gown has accentuated/exaggerated shoulders reminiscent of the DYNASTY days but fit for 2012.

I'm liking the background, lighting, the embrace that Dwyane and Gabrielle shared, and that subtle handkerchief that Dwyane wore bears the same color of Gabby's gown, if you look closely. I have also GOT to give it to Dwyane for the crisp haircut and line-up!

Pic: MTO

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