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Friday, November 26, 2010

KANYE To Release Fragrance/Collaboration With LANVIN

Quick and brief news: I was browsing the Internet and I came across this news source about Kanye West releasing his own fragrance, "so you can smell like him."

Makes you wonder what he smells like. THE OLD SPICE MAN?? I don't know, but anyway...

When I look at all of these celebrities releasing their fragrances, I wonder if they smell exactly like their fragrance (it's not a dumb thought; just plain curiosity) because some of the scents that I have smelled... stinks.

Kanye is presently working with Parlux Fragrances, a limited but renowned fragrance company which makes colognes and perfumes for many celebrities of late. He is also working with LANVIN for a high-end collaboration, which I'm sure will be really nice because West has revitalized the traditional Louis Vuitton with his sneakers, T-shirt, and bag collections (see pic below) .

Wow, seems like Kanye is steadily becoming that "artist," not just of music, but bringing arts and fashion to the masses..

KANYE WEST'S Previous Louis Vuitton Collection/Collaboration:

Ya Like?

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