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Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Fant Fantasia Rocks 106 & ParkFantasia, renowned American Idol winner and R&B singer is really "DOIN' HER" with renewed life after her overdose and personal problems. She had released her album a while back and released some great songs to go along with it.

What I'm doing basically is just checking out all of Fantasia's short hair styles that she can easily do; it's just her and she can do it very well.

My beautiful urban ladies, looking for a couple of styles, just take a look at hair magazines at your local grocery store or bookstore. Also, Fantasia's various hairdos are a staple in one of those magazines and is often a point of reference to follow.

Usually, women with long hair have more versatility and style options with their hair, but FANTASIA.... just take a look below at Fantasia's various styles in 2009-2010:

Whaddaya think, ladies? There's more women who rock it good.. just check 'em out!
Check out "Fantasia For Real" on VH-1!!

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