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Friday, August 26, 2011

CIARA In Comeback Trend: Leather Jeans!! (Not 'Pants', Jeans...)

CIARA was spotted out looking color-coordinated, I just like everything color-coordinated. Check out a comeback thing Ciara had on, most obviously the brown leather pants. Now, even though it was the style back then, many people complained of chafing, especially during warm weather.

But I hear that new leather pants are supposed to have comfortable cotton lining and can actually breathe through micro-pores in the leather hide.

But Ciara looked great pairing the pants with custom Christian Louboutin platform heels with leopard print at the toe of the heels, leopard print watch, and crisp white shirt.

A'ight, this is a HOTT look...

Pic: Media Takeout

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