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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

RIHANNA Spotted At Greystone Manor In '80s-inspired Skin-Tight Two Piece Dress

I've seen a few people rocking oversized T-shirts (worn tastefully) and wild hair, reminiscent of the '80s. My upcoming fashion shows (early, mid, late 2012) displaying my neckties and bowties, Vintage Ties by JAIDEN Detroit, will have an '80s theme to it. No one can get rid of the '80s *LoL*, I don't know why....

Anyhoo, Rihanna was spotted at Greystone Manor wearing an '80s-inspired spandex two-piece dress that hugged every curve, and also one of her favorite Louboutins. If you look closely, she's wearing a belly necklace, body necklace, whatever that is. She's also changed up the game (sharply contrasting for her sexy and sensual wear) unexpectedly by wearing a camo cap on top of mussied hair.

Rihanna's truly rocking out her '80s ROCKER CHICK phase...

Pic: MTO

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