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Friday, May 11, 2012

The Only Jaiden: My Promo Pics For The WALK 5 Fashion Show (Detroit)

Just letting you all know that I will be modeling for the popular WALK Fashion Show in Detroit, June 23, 2012! It will be my first time modeling in WALK, and my 7th stint as a runway model. I will also be designer of 'Vintage Ties by Jaiden' for my new line. I will debut a stellar line for the Fall/Winter 2012-13 collection entitled 'American Vintage.' I truly can't wait for that.

My line, Vintage Ties by Jaiden, has been moving pretty fast, and I'm humbled by the results of it. I have done 4 fashion shows so far for this line, and I've been practicing and polishing my craft for each of the great shows leading up to the big one, which I believe is my big break.

See more pics from my photo shoot and lookbook , and I will update you soon..

Pic: The Only Jaiden

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