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Sunday, May 1, 2011

COOL LOOKS For All Skateboarders... and Wannabe Ones, Too.

raw word rc RAW | April 2011 Releases

I don't skateboard, but I like to watch people who do... and I TURN AWAY from the ones who look like they're just about to break some bones on gravity-defying moves.

Check out the twist on the "FORD" shirt above, made by RAW.

raw logo trucker rc RAW | April 2011 Releases

Also check out the SAH-WEEET sneakers to go with it... the Nike x Theotis Beasley sneakers...
The official SKATEBOARD SNEAKER GAME of the Summer... and Supra, too!

img57419941 540x362 Nike SB x Theotis Beasley | Dunk Low

SUMMER's almost HERE!!

Pic: Rad collector

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