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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

LaLa Vasquez-Anthony and Savannah (Lebron's GF) at Fashion Week Fall 2011

LaLa Vasquez-Anthony and Savannah (Lebron James' girlfriend) was spotted at Fashion Week. Their outfits were supposed to have been very expensive, but I'll get more info on it. I can see LaLa's deep purple dress that accentuates her curves, and it's not too tight but just right without being flattering.

Savannah's pant suit is the LOOKER of the two. It has a slightly sheer top which allows a peek-through of her tropical bodice that she's wearing. The orange belt (which I can tell is HIGH-END) is a nice touch and goes pretty well with Savannah's gold purse and heels.

Who's the better-looking of the two? I say SAVANNAH for natural beauty (and LaLa for her eyes and cheekbones).

Pic: MTO

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