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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Underwear Issue: Models In Calvin Klein Underwear (YUP!)

Mehcad Brooks

YUP... It's the UNDERWEAR ISSUE!! Most people aren't very comfortable posting pictures like this (PROFESSIONAL AND/OR RESPECTABLE PICS, NOT SLEAZY PICS), so I thought I'd do something bold, and this is something most bloggers don't do, but let me lead the way :-)
I do aspire to be an underwear/swimsuit model regardless of what people may say (especially in church because I have to do ME). I also have aspirations of fashion and runway modeling (of course).
I want you to check out some great pictures of models in their underwear. Not trying to do anything R-RATED...just something different, out-the-box.

Zoe Saldana

Kellan Lutz

...All I've got to say is if you got it... you might as well.... *fill in the blank* :-)

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calvin klein jackets said...

Don't you worry someday you will be a model of underwear and I'll just wait to see you on magazines.

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