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Saturday, April 7, 2012

The Art Of Music Video 'Take Care': Drake ft. Rihanna

And they're back, looking quite the couple, a seemingly sometimes estranged couple promising that whatever happens in life, they'll take care of each other.

Drake and Rihanna take a sharp contrast from their last video together, 'What's My Name', on Rihanna's LOUD album, by choosing to do black-and-white and a more serious tune in this video.

But let's look at this beautiful art. WOW... Drake had this in mind? Keep in mind, Drake has to have the final say before this video is released. The icy mountains, the fiery forests, the cultural dancer, especially the BULL, the sheer essence of each of the settings had really invoked some deep thoughts.

I bet many of you probably though based on the lyrics, the video would be slightly RAUNCHY. But it wasn't. That's what makes it so cool and interesting.

Pic: Rap-Up / Video: October's Very Own

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