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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Oprah Winfrey Poses Next To Herself At 21; Looks WAYY Better NOW Than Then!!

I haven't been posting in about two days due to getting my necktie and bowtie line 'Vintage Ties by JAIDEN Detroit' up and running in the media sector. I got to get a website set up for it and finally got my business phone that came in the mail, and also seeking to buy a tablet for my designs and work.

Okay, check out Oprah Winfrey in her latest issue of 'O' magazine. She absolutely looks way better than her 21-year-old self. I'm not just saying that makeup is covering that, but everything in general: dress, makeup, hair. Looks great!! Movin' on...

I just thought it was interesting because Derek Blanks does this kind of work.

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