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Thursday, June 30, 2011

BEYONCE and JAY-Z Are Remarkable 'Bizness' Couple; Beyonce '4' To Debut #1 In Several Countries

Yes indeed-y, Beyonce and Jay-Z are an amazing couple because of how they run their relationship to avoid flax from the media, as well as HOW they handle the media according to business. As Beyonce moves forward with her album despite rumors of sluggish sales, Beyonce's camp assure that her latest album will debut as high as #1 in several countries all over the world.

Beyonce also has Jay-Z accompanying her in Paris; she's doing an early promo in the UK, which would (according to Necole B***hie) explain the correlation between the far higher anticipation of Beyonce in the UK and her starting her promo and tour early in the UK (same situation with Rihanna).

And may I add, BEYONCE LOOKS WAYY HOTT in that dress and 6-inch Louboutins... and fist bump to Jay-Z for keeping' it classic with his white Adidas shelltoes.

Pic: NecoleB***hie  

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