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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Who Wore The Versace Heels Best--- Amber Rose or Shaunie O'Neal?

Hey y'all check it out... I found these hott pics of Amber Rose and Shaunie O'Neal... this is from around the BET Awards time. While both look HOTT, what's even HOTTER is figuring out which one of these beautiful ladies wore the Versace heels best?

Whoo, that's a hard one... Amber Rose wore the torn/distressed and borderline OK catsuit (but her body shape made up for it GREATLY), while Shaunie O'Neal wore a vibrant Alexander McQueen dress. Shaunie O'Neal would be the obvious win.... but THE DRESS TAKES AWAY FROM THE SHOES BIG-TIME.

So the Versace trophy goes to AMBER ROSE!

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