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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Beyonce Baby Bump Completely Hidden By Halloween Costume + Chris Brown's Obscene Alien Costume #FAIL

Beyonce Knowles Beyonce Knowles spotted leaving The Darby in New York in a bumble bee costume.

Well, everyone was out wearing costumes for Halloween. And while I've never been the kind to wear costumes and participate in the festivities, I just loved (and still love) to check out the wackiest and coolest Halloween costumes.

Well, to start... check out Beyonce's BUMBLEBEE costume. It manages to COMPLETELY HIDE HER BABY BUMP! The heels she wore (I believe by Giuseppe Zanotti) were a nice touch with the costume.

(Update) 11/2/11

... And CHRIS BROWN, on the other hand... wore this obscene Halloween costume... an ALIEN... with a...A.... FRONTAL PROBE. I don't usually post things like this but just for the sake of costumes and this post being posted at a time where kids are going to bed, here is the...



Pic: Zimbio / Google/ MTO / Paint altered by The Only Jaiden

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