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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Who Wore The Best Outfit to GQ's Gentleman Ball-- Brad Goreski or Ashton Kutcher?

Bringing you more men's fashion, this time directly from the GQ's Gentleman's Ball.

Who wore it best, Brad Goreski or Ashton Kutcher?
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FASHIONISTA-wise, Brad Goreski is the best dresser with his light gray chalk pinstriped blazer, dark gray plaid pants, and very pointy gray wingtips matching the blazer. Noticeable accessory is the Tom Ford glasses.

ALL-AROUND American fashion goes to Ashton Kutcher, and he is also my pick because this is a comfortable look a lot of guys would be willing to go for. Just get rid of the BEANIE, and then Ashton's look will be perfect. I like the weathered brown shoes because it shows long term ess and sophisication as compared to brand-new shoes which may look like one is JUST WEARING IT FOR THE EVENT.

Pic: Upscale Hype

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