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Saturday, March 3, 2012

ALLEN ONYIA of 'Upscale Hype' Unique Camo Shirt

Fruition LV with the homie @AdeFamousAmos

Allen Onyia (right) is one of the ILLEST fashion bloggers of our time. I frequent study his work and visit his fashion website, Upscale Hype. I also post about many of the interesting pics he posts on celebrity fashion (BUT MY WORDS ARE ORIGINAL *knock on wood*)

Check out Allen's amazing camo shirt by @Fruition_LV (Twitter). It looks like the hem has been cut out and another print added to it. It's made even HOTTER with black pants, boots, and bag. The guy's style on the left with the MCM bag and leopard sneakers  (sneakers is so-so) is hott, too.

Pic: Allen Onyia tumblr

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