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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Fountain of Youth: TERRENCE HOWARD + Men's Hygiene Products

Would you believe that actor TERRENCE HOWARD is 41 years old with a face like that?? Talk about fountain of youth. It's not always in the genes, as some people say. It's in the way one individual takes care of his body.

I would like to know what Howard uses. Some guys use expensive exfoliators and cleansers for their face and body, but there are other products that are inexpensive and perform just as good or BETTER.

For affordable men's hygiene products, here are some of the few of many that I would suggest (and some that I use):

For general skin types:

  • LEVER 2000 Bar Soap 
  • Old Spice Red Zone Collection (preferably SWAGGER scent)
  • AXE Body Wash (preferably MUSIC and DARK TEMPTATION scent)
  • Dial for Men Soap Body Wash
  • BATH & BODY WORKS Men's Collection- JAIDEN's Pick*
  • Similar type of "generic" product
WHITE RAIN is popular among African-American men (other races too), but it's not the right product because it dries out skin. I found that out the HARD WAY.

For sensitive skin, or the "preferred":

  • YARDLEY Bar Soap (most inexpensive and scentful)- JAIDEN's Pick*
  • Ilor Soap (African-American men)
  • Softsoap Coconut Scrub Body Wash
  • Dove for Men Body Wash
Guys everywhere have their own preference of lotions, so I really won't get on that subject, but the first "layer of hygiene," SOAP, is crucial.

Love your skin.

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