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Thursday, January 27, 2011

BET's "The Game" Reportedly 'The Best Move The Network Ever Made'

After a mixed feeling about BET's 'The Game' premiere episode on January 11, 2011, people have warmed up to it, mainly because the episodes are getting BETTER! The popular black show opened to 7.7 MILLION VIEWERS and the week after drew 6 MILLION VIEWERS, retaining a good portion of followers. The ratings were -- guess what -- HEAD 2 HEAD with Jersey Shore!!

I was looking on YBF when I found these news. Industry analyst Marc Berman talked about the move that BET took to bring 'THE GAME' back. Personally, what BET did was score A MAJOR TOUCHDOWN with this move; it's like winning the Superbowl!

See Berman's quotes below:

" of the smartest moves I've ever seen a network do. The advantage [BET] had was that people were familiar with the show.  And BET has a niche audience and caters to the African-American community -- and that was the audience watching The CW sitcoms."

"When we started to think about the marketing campaign behind 'The Game,' it made sense to give the biggest scripted launch on our network the biggest overall platform on our network, which is the 'BET Awards.  We started with a teaser spot with the cast of 'The Game' during the 'BET Awards' and then began to leverage every major program to deliver the message about the return of 'The Game' -- from 'Black Girls Rock!' to the 'Soul Train Awards."
Berman [she] continued,
"In addition to that, we did the traditional off-channel tactics such as billboards, bus buys and radio spots. We also did a fantastic job of leveraging the show's fan base on social media sites."

She sure said it best...

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