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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

What A Commenter Said About Kanye West's 'Dw' Line (He/she gave 10 Points of RUDE...and possibly TRUE)

Wassup world? I woke up this morning to the comments and suggestions about Kanye West's new womenswear line and this one person commented on how the fashion show was, after KANYE ranted went he should have smiled and acted proud of his collection even though it was under expectation (I did like some of his pieces, though).

Read the comments that this one person made below. I call it 'THE 10 POINTS OF RUDE'.

1) Ill fitting and poorly constructed clothes that don't know what season they are supposed to be.
2) Poor, novice-like fabric choices.
3) NO real POV - this show is a mix of a Pratt student show mixed with Alaia knockoffs mixed with Balmain cast offs by way of Baby Phat - this is no one's damn luxury.
4) Black "designer" with 2 black models in his show.
5) His BEGGING for a reprieve is beyond humiliating. Who does that??? After Michael Kors' disastrous collection, you didn't see him begging like a crack ho'.
6) Those hair extensions looked like they were applied somewhere in the Metro by Helen Keller and Stevie Wonder.
7) The slit up knitwear and open necklines looked like they just left the Slut Walk. His sense of what is sexy is so cliche and obvious.
8) How can anyone make Anja R. look bad???? Kanye found a way. That white bandage dress looked like someone put her in a food processor.
9) Those name plates provide NO irony. I am sure that's what the team of stylists thought. Get the eff outta here.
10) Those shoes. Period. 
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