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Friday, November 11, 2011

MADONNA On Front & Back Cover of Harper's Bazaar Dec. 2011/Jan. 2012 Issue

I think this is my first Madonna blog post. I don't really follow Madonna but her pics from the upcoming Dec. 2011/ Jan. 2012 issue of HARPER'S BAZAAR stuck out to me.

I just find it exceedingly great when a woman keeps her youth and owns it. So attractive and sexy.

Check out some more Madonna pictures; I like the one above because it looks like it's strips of images placed together to give that optical illusion, while at the same time Madonna's youthful 53-YEAR-OLD face and soft locks is unfettered.

Photographer: Tom Munro
Actress: Andrea Riseborough
Director: Madonna (she is directing a movie)

The whole ambiance of the above picture is classic, still, tells a story, has a seemingly rich history, and speaks an unspoken language of fashion. I can't help but to be drawn to it.

Pic: Idolator

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