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Friday, November 11, 2011

Rihanna 'Ball So Hard' VACATION PICS (And 'You Da One' Update)

Rihanna has created a new Facebook album entitled 'BALL SO HARD VACA PICS' or something like that. It's a collection of her vacation pictures with her friends. She has vacationed in Italy, Brazil, and off the coast of Southern France.

Here on THE ONLY JAIDEN, this is my FIRST ISSUE celebrating my ONE-YEAR ANNIVERSARY of doing this blog, so it's quite a 'self-honor' to place this beautiful young woman here to kick off the ONE-YEAR CELEBRATION!

I encourage you to not just gawk at Rihanna herself but to look at her fashion choices (because you ladies could get an idea of what to wear if you're going to vacation this holiday season), as well as admiring the background scenery.

Thanks for joining me! ONE YEAR! WOW, TIME FLIES!!
(Sidenote: I'm thinking that probably every girl wishes they were in Melissa's (Rihanna's BFF) shoes...)



(Also check out more Rihanna pics on and new single for you and your love,  'YOU DA ONE ') .
Pic: Ultimate Rihanna / Necole B***hie

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