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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Nicki Minaj SLAYS THE GAME In Louis Vuitton and Fendi Winterwear Get-Up; OUT COOOLD!

Nicki Minaj just shocked me with this picture I saw on Fashion Bomb Daily. You know, it's funny that when I see an outlandish picture of Roman In Moscow-- err--- Nicki, I don't get surprised, but when she's dressing down to earth... PURE WHOA.

Nicki was spotted this past weekend after celebrating her birthday, and she's wearing the black wig again, in her own graceful way. She's also sporting a cream Louis Vuitton scarf, purple Louis Vuitton bag, tan fur coat, aqua blouse, extra long leggings (bunches at the bottom), and HOTT Fendi shearling booties.

Even though Nicki's got all kinds of colors on, they seem to play well together.

Pic: Fashion Bomb Daily

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