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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

TASHA SMITH In New Photo Shoot & Interview Discussing New Tyler Perry Show 'For Better Or For Worse' (TBS)

Hello readers, was just browsing different fashion and entertainment blogs (as usual) and found TASHA SMITH on Necole B***hie's blog (love that woman, she's so FRESH and happening).

I have the excerpt from her blog below as it discusses Tasha's photo shoot and interview with BE Entertained Magazine! Tasha is lookin' quite hott in that picture above. ROCK YOUR BEAUTY like she does, ladies!

Take a look:

If you are a fan of Tyler Perry movies then you’ve gotten to know actress Tasha Smith really well. She has quickly become one of Tyler Perry’s ‘Wonder Women,’ starring in the filmmakers  ‘Daddy’s Little Girls’ and ‘Why Did I Get Married’ movies as well as his latest sitcom ‘For Better or For Worse.’
Tasha is pretty in pink on the cover of BE Entertained Magazine’s forthcoming Winter 2011 issue and inside she discusses how she met Tyler Perry and what it’s really like working for him.  She also speaks on her new role in ‘For Better or For Worse’, which debut episode attracted over 3.4 million viewers, and she opens up about her undying love for her husband.
In the meantime, you can catch her n
Check it out when it hits new stands next week!
ew show ‘For Better Or Worse on TBS every Friday NightSpotted @
BE Magazine

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