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Friday, January 13, 2012

'2012 Detroit Auto Show' Edition: 2013 Dodge Dart And Other Cars Critical To The Big 3's Success

Remember when Dodge stopped making the Neon back in 2005. there were a LOT of sour and sad faces, regardless of sluggish sales upon Neon's exit. Then came the Dodge Caliber, a tall, lackluster, boxy contraption that Dodge thought would kill the small car segment. WRONG.

Now, I'm so happy to see the Chrysler brand coming back stronger than ever with updated cars like the Chrysler 300, 200, Dodge Charger, Durango, and most recently, the 2013 DODGE DART (above). The inner workings and chassis is shared with stellar European brand FIAT, while the exterior styling is actually reminiscent of the DODGE NEON SRT-4 upon its exit.

The Big 3 are really counting on their cars to take back their would-be sales from the fast-growing European market. Let's check out what each American (Detroit) company is counting on:

Photo: Picture 2 - Detroit LIVE: 2013 Ford Fusion breaks cover

2013 Ford Fusion
A lucrative car for Ford. Why? This could pass off as an Aston Martin!

2013 Buick Encore
A small, volume sales leader for Buick

2013 Cadillac ATS Front

2013 Cadillac ATS
The BMW 3-Series Killer?

Lincoln MKZ Concept Front Right Side View 2  photo

2013 Lincoln MKZ
The HEAD-TURNER that Lincoln was looking for

Find your way to the auto show or your local dealership to take a look at these exciting cars!

I'm heading to the Detroit Auto Show this weekend; stay tuned for THE ONLY JAIDEN coverage!

Pic: Google/ Leftlane News / Motor Trend

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