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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Lil Wayne Launches SKATER BOY WEAR 'Trukfit' Clothing Line!

Why is everybody and their mama coming out with a clothing line??

Although I may be coming out with a tie collection this Spring 2012, I don't want it to be cliche but actually make my collection a necessity and bright idea in the fashion world.

Anyway, Lil' Wayne had launched his own clothing line called TRUKFIT (The Reason You Kill For It-- clever so-called label) and it based entirely off Lil' Wayne's style, which includes bright/flourescent colors, camouflage shorts and socks, and more WICKY-WACKY items.

Just because I posted about this doesn't mean I take in whole-hearted interest; it's my job as blogger to inform and just share what I found out in the fashion world. I wonder if Lil' Wayne will take this seriously because to me, clothes THIS WACKY (as a DEBUT to the public) may be an insult to the fashion industry. It looks like regular SKATE-BOY wear. *Shrug* We'll see where this goes as far as mass-production like RocaWear, Sean John, and others.

BUT... according to POP CULTURE standards, I project this to sell WELL to some degree, anyway.

Just don't design LEOPARD LEGGINGS.

Pic: Fashion Bomb Daily / Untitled Flow

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