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Sunday, January 15, 2012

'2012 Golden Globes' Edition: CHARLIZE THERON, SOFIA VERGARA, and PAULA PATTON In Stunning Gowns Before Golden Globes Began!!

Charlize Theron

Charlize Theron

There is a whole lot of BEAUTY to behold in the 69th Golden Globe Awards. So many beautiful gowns and envious tuxes *LoL*, especially Ricky Gervais's blazer *DING*!

I will cover many more of FASHION @ Golden Globes very soon, but I'm now focusing on the HOTTEST GOWNS I've seen tonight (and I'm talking about the ones that you will love, too)

Check out Charlize Theron's deeply plunged neckline, heavily-bowed 'soft' pearl gown. I like how a little leg shows through without showing too much, leaving more to the imagaination. The way the material at the rear of the gown flows so lightly gives me a vision of an angel floating through a peaceful hillside.

Paula Patton

Paula Patton

Next, don't get me started on Paula Patton. Robin Thicke is SOOO BLESSED to have Paula for a wife. She stands out with this golden yellow gown that hugs her body so well, and take a look at the geometric cuts and layers that make up the bottom of the gown. It comes together seamlessly! And PLUS, Paula's bright smile is something you can't put a price on.

sofia vergara golden globes 01

Sofia Vergara

Sofia Vergara's VERA WANG peacock gown (real peacock feathers!) with Harry Winston diamonds. ENOUGH SAID.

More to come!! Check THE ONLY JAIDEN for more '2012 GOLDEN GLOBE' updates.

Pic: Just Jared / Yahoo!

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