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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

2012 Is A Time For Women's Bow Tie Designs (And Rihanna's Bow Tie)

Rihanna (2010)

2012 is a trend for bow ties!!

Now bow ties have been in for many centuries, but none like this time, especially for WOMEN. Which is why I'm jumping on the bandwagon by introducing my upcoming tie collection, VINTAGE TIES BY JAIDEN DETROIT. This collection consists of me collecting vintage ties upon my shopping trips and then altering and/or restoring them to its original or improved grandeur.

Also, I will have custom ties made. The ties will be slightly outlandish but invoke ART to them.

It will be HOTT! Coming Spring 2012...

Twin collection (soon to be converted into bow ties)

Pic: The Only Jaiden ; Rihanna

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