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Friday, January 20, 2012

Excerpt from SWAGGER: Actor Ebeneezer Sowah In Def Swagg!!

Here's an excerpt from SWAGGER NEW YORK online magazine/blog about actor Ebeneezer Sowah. He was supposedly stopped on the street and this picture captured of him strolling in the West Village (New York). He was complimented on his all-brown look, which I think is TOTALLY ILL! (Super nice) I'm liking the use of different materials from head to toe, the way all the different hues of brown blend in harmony and swagger.

See the excerpt:

A smart actor knows he must always look the part, especially in this city. With high-profile gigs everywhere - often snatched up after a swift handshake or upon an agent run-in on the street - one must always be prepared. And for Ebeneezer Sowah, his next role may be closer than he ever imagined. We ran into the New York actor in the West Village, intrigued by his ability to rock a monochromatic look that doesn't fall flat. Sporting all brown from boot to gorgeous leather backpack, Shah looked ruggedly urban, telling us that he's ready to take on any audition that comes his way. Hmm.. a suave hiker who's instantly become the talk of the city streets? Hey, you never know, could be the role of a lifetime.

Pic: Swagger / Fashion Bomb Daily

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